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NET(net) VMO Calculator

What is a VMO?

Vested Management Option (VMO) is a Proprietary Approach that includes Federated Market Intelligence, Industry Best Practices and Patented Methodologies for Technology Supply Chain Optimization.

IT Cost & Value Optimization

  • Lower Costs
  • Mitigation of Risk
  • Higher Quality
  • Maximized Agility
  • Stronger Contracts
  • Governed Compliance
  • Improved Supplier Relationships
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Our Services Cost Nothing

Service Guarantee: We provide a Savings SLA that includes a guarantee to identify enough savings to more than cover the total cost of our services.
If the Savings we identify in the 100-day Quick Wins plan does not exceed the total cost of the fees, Clients can terminate the engagement after the 4th month with no further obligation or investment other than to pay for the savings achieved based on our recommendations at our standard gain share rates.

We Gain-Share Over-Performance

Performance Incentive: We gain-share for over-performance beyond the initial Savings SLA, so there are continuing incentives for our teams to collaborate and continue to perform – looking for ways to optimize costs and improve value.
We sign Exhibits to the SOW which clearly illustrate project baseline values, we then measure Savings and fees per Exhibit, and track these in the monthly reports so everyone knows the status.

Find out which VMO Program is right for your company

How much does your company spend annually on existing IT?
How much will your company invest in new IT this year?
How much will your future annual IT spend grow annually?
Finding the best VMO Program for you...

Recommended VMO Program:

Based on your existing and future IT spend, our VMO Program is the best fit for your company.
To determine the best Vested Management Option (VMO) program, NET(net) uses a proprietary algorithm developed over the last 15 years, after working with 2,500 clients and professionally managing over 25,000 field engagements, resulting in over $250 Billion of capture value for the benefit of our clients. This ensures our VMO proposal offers you the very best fit, minimizing our costs and risks, and maximizing the realization of value and benefit you receive from our services. Unlike many other suppliers, we are actually proposing the solution that costs you the *least* and therefore gives you the *highest* Return On Investment (ROI) because for us, our success is only predicated on your success, and we take this mission very seriously.

No VMO Programs Available

Based on your existing and future IT spend, your company does not fall within any of our current VMO Programs. However, other engagement options may still be available. We'll review your submission and contact you if we find significant room for savings based on your submission. If you'd lik to get in touch with us, please contact us at